He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation." - Mark 16:15

Global Missions


Way of the Cross Distribution Center, Harlingen, Tx: One of our delivery points for humanitarian aid covering Rio Grande Valley, Mexico, and Central America.

Cornerstone Children's Ranch, Quemado, TX: A distribution center covering Northern Mexico. Also supporting local families and giving education assistance for those in need.

Kenya and Liberia

World Overcomers Church, School, Orphanage, Gbarnga, Liberia- We support Pastor Flaming’s feeding program each month providing meals for 120 orphans and foster children and extra support for Covid-19 Food Relief. In 2020, we provided for water well pump repairs and needed maintenance of the school which provides free Christian based education for 175 students. We paid government required test fees for several of this year’s graduates and others promoting to a new level. We helped with clothing and gifts for Christmas celebration.

Ekeonga Children’s Ministry, Kenya- We support Pastor August’s education effort to the poorest among us with school supplies, snacks and encouragement. We helped construct new latrines for the school as the old ones had become dangerous to enter. We would like to help the current effort to finish a hand dug well.

Rosiaga Church and Ebenezer Children’s Home Rosiaga, Kenya- We have helped Pastor Fred develop the children’s home from the ground up, building houses and providing necessities for the children as well as a temporary house for Fred’s family, which grew to 4 this year! We continue to provide seed and fertilizer for the small farm provided by FBC Clayton for growing some of their own food, a milk cow, and some chickens. We provide fresh vegetables and staples monthly, as well as gas for their cookstove. Mary is a 65-year-old widow who is caretaker for the children, whom we provide with medical insurance as she has ongoing medical issues. A major project of 2020 was the expansion of the water system to include a solar powered pump with a large storage tank and irrigation system for the farm. We also provided for construction of a new kitchen mandated by government regulation. School fees are an increasing expense as well as clothing and medical needs. Transportation to school is a serious issue as they walk to and from school leaving at 7 am and returning at 7 pm, unless they have fuel for the motorbike! Long range goal is to have a school through the church so travel and fees are not necessary. We also built a new home for Fred and his family as the temporary house was rapidly deteriorating. We have been providing education for Vincent who finished his nursing school in May, 2020 and began 1st level nursing at a national hospital. 


Mabera, Kenya- Pastor Fred extended his ministry to a neighboring village. The result was near 100 baptisms! We helped that effort with travel expenses, copies of Bible studies written by Ken, chairs for outdoor meetings, then a building for shelter in inclement weather.

Uttar Pradesh, India

Ebenezer Children’s Orphanage- We supported Ebenezer Children’s Orphanage with food, beds and a sewing machine and material for making clothing in 2020.

Deena Dulipalli’s Sewing Center- We supported Deena Dulipalli’s sewing center, training women to sew for profit to support themselves as they avoid or come out of prostitution because of abandonment.

We also provided a new water well in an area where Christian women were persecuted when they came to the public well. We support rural village pastors, helping pay rent, food, and family support. Part of that support is for outreach events that result in Hindus and Muslims being obedient to the Gospel. These events are often carried out under intense persecution as Hindu government does not enforce national laws concerning freedom of religion when it comes against Christians. We also support Pastor Prem’s ministries to widows and lepers, especially during Covid-19 food shortages. Ken and Susan spoke via Facebook Video Chat to 100 pastor’s and wives gathered for training, encouragement, and fellowship.


Medical Evangelism Camps and The Children’s Ministry in Pakistan-

We support Medical Evangelism Camps where physical needs were met and the Gospel is shared. We supported Covid-19 Food Relief for families who lost their source of income. In 2020, we helped support Qamar’s children’s ministry with school supplies and Christmas. We also prayed diligently for Evangelist Qamar when his life was threatened after he petitioned the government for justice on behalf of a ministry associate who was murdered in an act of persecution.

The   Philippines

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